Gamora Cosplay How-To: Hair


Gamora’s hair. So glorious, I decided to dye my own hair (and neck, and arm, and pillowcases) to match. I know I’m not green, but I think I can pull it off??? Maybe??

Masterpost Video Hands Hair Top Bottom Boots Make Up Mission Statement

I’ll pretend to be organised by tagging each element of this outfit; Hair, hands, top, bottom, shoes, skin, face. Or I’ll come back and edit this, either to change these tags or to say “booyah, foresight, didn’t need to change anything”. June ’15 edit: see links above!

Materials used: Manic Panic Fuchsia Shock, silver beads, hair grip, styling materials.


After what was, in hindsight, probably too little research, I went for Fuchsia Shock by Manic Panic. Click the arrow. Yeah, that’s what I didn’t want to happen. Way back when (all of ten months ago), I wanted a subtle ombre, and ended up with a black/bleach (dark)blonde dip-dye – so I thought the hot pink/alien Zoe Saldana look would be more subtle.

And the test strand was a great, subdued colour – I fell in love with it. Even my family, even my dad (picture your dad’s face if you said “I’m dying my hair purple”), loved it. Apparently it’s “very me”, whatever the hell that means. In the sun the next day, my mum said it was too long, too vibrant, and looked like nylon. I think that’s definitely the sort of look I want to rock for a few weeks. Still, inside it’s a much more natural(?!) muted plum.

I don’t think I can get much closer to Gamora’s hair – here’s a side-by-side comparison.

pink hair gamora

(Image file ‘hellyeah.png’.)

Gamora’s hair looks unstyled, and falls similarly to mine unstyled, fortunately. Because of the length difference, I also have comparatively more purple; perhaps I’ll cut it before I cosplay, but I’m really enjoying having long, pink hair.


So, that’s colour, and cut requires maybe a trim at most. At first glance, Gamora doesn’t seem to be wearing many hair accesories, apart from an occasional hair grip. But in certain scenes (and boy, does it suck not co-existing with the Blu-Ray of this) and promo materials – plus in interviews like this one – it’s revealed that she’s wearing two tiny plaits in an under layer, each with a small silver “alien skull” bead in the centre. You can see them here:


Can you see it? It’s here


Put a stripy hat on it, at least…alright, let’s take a look at the detailing on this bad boy:



bead 2

Well, that wasn’t very helpful.

In lieu of a designer friend carving me some baby aliens out of silver (oh, to be Zoe), I raided my mum’s bead cupboards and found a relatively close match in tone, shape, and texture…as best I could tell. My mum used to make jewellery, and it’s forever coming in handy.

Guess what else came in handy? The wire mum used for jewellery, a pair of scissors (for their bending, not cutting, properties, no less), and my A Level in Physics. No joke. Getting beads on your hair is A Task.

So, here’s the hairdo, complete with small plaits and beads.


Cosy pyjamas, nim nim nim.

Coming up next: some other part of the costume

P.S. If anyone feels like cosplaying as this gal:
slave girl
Just rub a bit of Fuschia Shock over yourself and you’re good to go. No joke. The colour’s spot on for it.

POST COMIC CON UPDATE: For the tiny braid, I ended up doing a Dutch plait to try and add a bit of a different texture and make it seem slightly more ‘alien’ – it was probably only 0.1% perceptible, but that’s what I did. After trying and failing to replicate my wire technique, I threaded the beads onto the hair and secured with a black loom band under each one. For the other side, I flipped the front strand of my hair up and secured it with a hairgrip by separating it from my head with one finger, pulling it back over the finger, sliding out the finger and pinning. Both of these were much easier than I’m making them sound and a cursory google/bit of experimenting should do the trick for you, but feel free to contact me if I wasn’t clear enough. Here’s the result:


(In terms of hair care I have naturally wavy hair so I just popped on some mousse, argan oil and hairspray, all high street brands.)


3 thoughts on “Gamora Cosplay How-To: Hair

  1. The hair beads were made by Ugo Cacciatori, a renowned Italian jewelry designer who’s a long time friend of Zoe. Starting from the signature skull , recurrent in his own collection, he developed a one eyed version of it. In silver with agate, the bead has been used so far for the movie Guardians Of The Galaxy only and the is no proof of further reproduction. It is not excluded that the one eyed skull became part of the very character of Gamora and therefore used in the next Marvel’s sequels.


    • Hi Sarah 🙂 yep – way back when I wanted an ombre and got an unfortunate dip dye instead. The next time I had it bleached I used Olaplex, which helped I think. If things go wrong, at least it’s only the ends of your hair 🙂


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