Introducing the Guardians of the Galaxy

yeahboiyeah1272433_653703394776728_4151422038489926937_o guardians

Star-Lord 1: Michael, Star-Lord 2: Chris (no website), Rocket: Emma, Nebula: Michelle, Gamora: me, Groot and Star-Lord 3: unknown. Where are you, Groot??

One of my favourite parts of this entire process was getting photos with some amazing cosplayers at MCM Expo London. If you’ve enjoyed any of my blog posts, I recommend checking these guys out too!

Gamora Masterpost Video Hands Hair Top Bottom Boots Make Up Mission Statement

Michelle, AKA Red Widow

James Bissett Photography
James Bissett Photography

Favourite part of the costume: “Probably the shirt, because it took so long and has lots of different bits to it – it was frustrating but I’m really happy with how it turned out!” Hardest part of the costume: “[The shirt] would also be the hardest part of making it.”

And here, I thought it would have been actually shaving her head for this award-winning cosplay. Michelle is absolutely lovely and insanely dedicated and you should definitely check her out!

Sisterly reconciliation
Sisterly reconciliation

Michael, AKA essexstarlord


Favourite part of costume: “Probably the jacket since I like leather jackets anyway and it’s very good quality. I loved painting the guns too.”

Hardest part of the costume:  “Getting the mask, getting it to fit properly and the lenses working comfortably and being able to breath in it but well worth it.”

I’d have to agree with the above – this was hands-down my favourite Star-Lord jacket that I saw at the event. Michael makes a hilarious, easy-going Peter Quill, and he has the height to pull off the costume with ease, too! He’s hoping to make it back to MCM October so there’s more to come from him.

“I left my Infinity Stone in my hotel room”



Favourite part of costume: “The awesome mix tape necklace.”

Hardest part of costume: [For her Star-Lord cosplay] “The tape player. I designed the box at work and stuck on the artwork but tracking down the belt clip and headphones was tricky.”

Definitely go and check out Emma’s blog right now! It’s a treasure trove for geeks!


Amy, AKA amydoesthings (obviously)


Favourite part of costume: The holographic shatter-glass details for Gamora’s pixelated animal print.

Hardest part of costume: Cutting out the pixels pain-stakingly. And leaving pink hair dye everywhere, getting complaints from college!

And that’s all of us! Hope you enjoyed our costumes a fraction as much as we did! Feel free to drop me a message any time if you’re heading to a convention I’m at or have a question about any of my projects.

Can be found literally trying to climb Groot like a tree.
Can be found literally trying to climb Groot like a tree.

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