An interactive text game

TW: Suicide and related themes.

Here’s a little thing I made a few months ago to help process my thoughts. Yep, it’s a text-based game.


There’s a reason this blog title is so vague. I’ve written here about games, cosplay, and minimalism, probably among other things. Some of you may be peripherally aware of me as a (sometimes controversial) horror writer, but I don’t often mention that this also tied with programming the occasional text-based game.

In my drafts I have posts saved raving about my favourite authors of text games (Porpentine in particular), which I’ll get round to publishing at some point. I’d love to do more horror work in twine etc.; interactive fiction is a beautiful medium which is one of my favourites, and I urge you to give it a try (mine shouldn’t hurt to start with, but Their Angelical Understanding is my personal favourite).

I’ll see you around soon enough talking about J fashion or something, I’m sure.



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