Hi! I’m Amy, 22, British student.

Primarily a writer and misc. creator. Recent reviews for Hurt:

“I really liked that…that was really nicely written”

“Nice writing”

“very well-written! an amazing game”


They say that everyone has a book inside them. Maybe for you it’s not a book – maybe it’s a movie, a game, or a fashion line. Whatever it may be, I want everyone to have the means to develop it to the best of their ability and the courage to share it with the world. That’s why I enjoy sharing every stage of my own creative processes (including the delays and failures) in the hope of inspiring and encouraging you to finally create your legacy. I hope you’ll invite me to join your game as player two!

I’m an Oxford student and a linguist, obsessed with Japanese fashion, indie/art games, films, and music, cosplay, YouTube, and animals, among other things, and I blog about those.

Please always feel free to come and chat to me!

My Current Projects: A YA novel, a pop album, and an Etsy shop for bizarre little alien creations (and, of course, my YouTube!)

Project Progress: 17k; four drafts recorded; no prototypes yet


Upcoming side-projects: Flame Princess cosplay; essays on fashion and aesthetic!
(see also: amyinthedark)



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