“Dean, it’s over.” Only took me all weekend (Making-Of)

The Entry


The Original

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 21.46.49

I have a life! I did other things, too!

This was my favourite, though. Sorry, human beings I saw over the weekend.

As you may already know, I’m on the gishwhes team Apokaleypse (like us on facebook to join in the fun!). While the main hunt takes place in August, there are also mini-challenges known as gifwhes. The latest was to “Recreate a scene from Supernatural using gishwhes mascots”. Click “the entry” above to see it, and “the original” to watch the original scene!

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Introducing the Guardians of the Galaxy

yeahboiyeah1272433_653703394776728_4151422038489926937_o guardians

Star-Lord 1: Michael, Star-Lord 2: Chris (no website), Rocket: Emma, Nebula: Michelle, Gamora: me, Groot and Star-Lord 3: unknown. Where are you, Groot??

One of my favourite parts of this entire process was getting photos with some amazing cosplayers at MCM Expo London. If you’ve enjoyed any of my blog posts, I recommend checking these guys out too!

Gamora Masterpost Video Hands Hair Top Bottom Boots Make Up Mission Statement

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