What’s Amy doing?

Those big creative goals that I need to get out before they kill me – you know the ones – are a YA novel, a pop album, and an alternative jewellery/fashion line. And I want to do them all myself, at home, full-amateur style to a (hopefully) professional standard.

Why should anybody care? Well, my writing has unintentionally gone viral a couple of times now. One example is a piece that was featured as the lead on the No Sleep podcast. So maybe there’s something to watch there.

But more importantly, if I* can do this, then you can too. And then those big creative goals won’t kill you, or at least you won’t take them to your grave. Which. Yay?

I’m also constantly trying to improve my “craft”. Watch me put my failures out there on pretty much every social medium under the same name (or amydoesthings_, because other people won’t let me have any fun), whether you’re working up the courage to start/share something yourself, or you’re interested in horror/comedy, short films, J-fashion, sparkly pop music, home-editing, or managing your hydra-esque bouquet of interests.

EDIT: Oops, I forgot to mention where I was on these goals! Last November (for National Novel Writing Month), I wrote 17k of this novel. The music has been in the works forever, but I’ve finally recorded drafts of four songs, which I now need to master. (shh here’s a vocal sample) And I have designs ready…I just need to make prototypes and then actually start selling them. So watch this space! Or my about page or YT or something. There’ll be updates.

*A mess. Literally a mess. Also terrified of putting myself out there, very introverted, and very shy.