I’m A Mess – I played a life simulator designed to be dull

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the image we present in social media. There’s a disconnect between what our lives are like and what they seem to be, which can be discouraging when we look at our peers’. For motivation, we get success stories shared in our faces every day, and recommended blog posts about how to perfect our schedule and our eating and our habits.

But it struck me that all of it is positive, and that’s not the truth of success. Sure, good things need to happen for a project to work out, but there are also inevitable ups and downs that we have to go through to reach the end as well. I’d bet anything that for every accomplishment, there’s at least one day where we just want to eat ice cream. People don’t share it when they forget (or choose not) to wash the dishes or take their meds or check their emails, because they don’t think it’s a good thing. They’re wrong. These things are as much a part of our success as anything else.

Save the avocado recipes for when you’re feeling great. When you’re not, it might make you feel better to read about the failures that made up the success. Welcome to I’m A Mess.

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